Politics Obama and Bullshit


First my disclaimer: I am not into politics. I know enough to get by, and to carry on a conversation. I do avoid the topic with literally everyone because people can get so passionate about their own views… that they can turn into an asshole. I try to avoid assholes most of the time.
Now my rant.
I was sick to death of the political campaigning. I thought on election day it would be done for a bit. But no. Many fucktards voted again, for the first time etc. I am sick of hearing about Barrack Obama crap…. like what type of dog he will get and the like. I cannot believe we are THIS infantile, but we are.
I voted for Obama, not because I think he is the messiah… but he was the lesser of two evils. Liking him better than the other guy doesn’t mean I liked him a lot, or even think he can CHANGE much. This is the government after all, and that means it rarely makes ANY big changes to anything very quickly. Um we have fucking laws in the books that were written when the frickin country began for gods sakes and some are ridiculous but have not changed at all. The CHANGE platform is a load of bullshit. Wake up fucktards.
I am very hopeful. I think Obama is a great Motivator and Speaker… and this country sure does need some inspiration as we go through the worst economic situation we have seen in a loooooong time. I also have high hopes because Abraham Lincoln had very little experience in politics and yet that turned out to make him a pretty great president. I am keeping an open mind and hoping for the best.
But can we fucking stop acting like this CHANGE shit is gonna happen tomorrow? It’s not. I PROMISE you that. With the little knowledge of government that I have… I know it takes a long time to make a difference. People are literally dancing around and all excited. Um… dummies…. You might wanna settle your shit down. The man is not even IN office yet.
Did you ever interview for the perfect sounding job and left knowing they were going to hire you? So you start the job and on day one… literally everything is a mess and you come to find out quickly that everyone expects you to be the one to fix it all, like pronto. If it’s familiar to you… how’d it turn out? What if it was a job that you were not totally qualified for? Did you have a ton of shit to LEARN? Didn’t some of your grand notions FAIL because once you dug deeper you could see some things were literally impossible to do or that some goals could not be met? That my dear fucktards is called REALITY.
There is still a 50/50 chance that all the imaginary CHANGE won’t be so great. Yep, I said it. Obama might fuck up. He may get into his position and see that HE was WRONG about a few things. Or things could be delayed, changed again, need to be altered etc etc. This is all far more plausible then change coming for the better right away.
But stupid people can vote. Change sounded seductive, and idiots always fall for it easily. These same dummies will turn on Obama the minute one of his promises fall through, or when it doesn’t all happen fast enough for them.
The way the media has treated the whole thing continues to keep these intellectually challenged fuckwads…all uppidity and shit too. Fucking Oprah whooooing like a moron made me want to yack. Yes, change CAN be for the better… but sometimes it goes the opposite way too. Take a look at your own dumb life and know it’s true.
I just hope we can all still feel good and whoooo when the perfect world is not created. I hope the very soon to be President Barrack Obama has much success. I really do.


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